To gain, collect, or acquire something unto your possession.
I am going to obtain an STI from this chick in Chicago, its gonna be rad.
by Dr. Aarben November 10, 2014
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A word Andrew MacPherson does not know.
Andrew MacPherson can't obtain the understanding of the word obtain.
by guy234587 March 7, 2014
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just a way for one, ie. me, to flex on yall with their immaculate use of the english language by speaking as the ones important to society do, its the competent way of saying "lets get that bread"
by awholemess January 9, 2019
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To have done it all at this point you are a holy being who shall forever be a god the only way to lose banana souls is to stop tweeting BANANA SOULE and then linking alpharad deluxe channel at least once a day
Yo bro I just heard Ellie just told everyone the easy steps to obtaining banana soule!
by Fire_wall876 November 16, 2021
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