An eighth of anything

Most likely linked to drugs

An eighth of marijuana
Guy- yo, lemme get an eighth of Alaskan thunder fuck
Clerk- This some bomb, that'll be 60$
by kidcannabinoid July 18, 2015
n. a 1/8 ounce portion of any drug, usually marijuana, esp. on the West Coast
"I get crazy, roll an eighth in one hooter" - Ton Loc, 'Cheeba Cheeba'
by LazyBlaze May 9, 2003
A 1/8 ounce portion of a drug, generally marijuana.
"She let's me drive her car so I can score an eighth from the lesbians out west in Venice."
'Holiday From Real' - Jack's Mannequin
by J Dawg93 February 5, 2009
approximatley 3.5 grams of hydro
"hey im getting an eighth on friday"
by Scoppy Boobles December 2, 2003
1) the eighth letter of the alphabet, H
2) someone who is a herb
3) tool
4) opposite of the seventh
"Yo, you think you're the seventh but you're really the eighth"
by THunter December 3, 2007
The final hour of the workday, The most unproductive time, usually cleaned up for the day and one could be dreaming of getting fucked up. One may take advantage and organize a lack of tools in their truck. Or perhaps working on their time card. The Energy level will increase due to the possibility of drugs and alcohol and watching 80s metal music on Facebook.
You know what time it is it's the eighth hour bitch

Jose put your tools away it's the eight hour
by 7mary3 September 16, 2014