An eighth of anything

Most likely linked to drugs

An eighth of marijuana
Guy- yo, lemme get an eighth of Alaskan thunder fuck
Clerk- This some bomb, that'll be 60$
by kidcannabinoid July 17, 2015
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n. a 1/8 ounce portion of any drug, usually marijuana, esp. on the West Coast
"I get crazy, roll an eighth in one hooter" - Ton Loc, 'Cheeba Cheeba'
by LazyBlaze May 09, 2003
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1) the eighth letter of the alphabet, H
2) someone who is a herb
3) tool
4) opposite of the seventh
"Yo, you think you're the seventh but you're really the eighth"
by THunter December 02, 2007
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A 1/8 ounce portion of a drug, generally marijuana.
"She let's me drive her car so I can score an eighth from the lesbians out west in Venice."
'Holiday From Real' - Jack's Mannequin
by J Dawg93 February 04, 2009
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In autochess games, such as Teamfight Tactics, "it's an Eighth" is something you say when you get really unlucky and will likely get 8th place (it's an 8 player game)
A fuck I hit no units on rolldown, it's an eighth
by Luckbasedgame April 09, 2021
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