one who passes gas under the cover, and forces his or her spouse,or companion to smell their creation by throwing the cover over ones head..
ryan passed gas and thought to himself "thats a good one" and felt it should not go unnoticed, so he pulled the covers over unexpecting carrie's head. hearing her curse and and gag he is satisfied. thus giving her a dutch oven..
by kevin smith May 27, 2006
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To silently fart under the duvet, jump out of bed, run around to your partner and push your buttocks to their face as if going to fart. Your partner will, out of instinct, dive under the duvet straight into the ambush of whiff. A perfect dutch oven.
The missus has PMS, I'll reward her later with a dutch oven.
by Poleyhants January 27, 2007
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Farting under the blanket then lifting it up trapping your significant other under the covers
Rosemary wasn't expecting a dutch oven but she got one this morning.
by Shithouse man November 4, 2018
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Lying on your back in bed on a cold winter morning, fill the covers with your own hot gasses. Arrange the sheets in such a way as to create a flue or exhaust channel towards your significant other. Simultaneously lift both arms straight up slowly to draw in more air. Finally, let the covers fall rapidly to expel a rush of hot gasses (and BO) up the flue toward your unsuspecting loved one.

Historically, "Dutch Ovens" were preheated brick cooking ovens in which the heated bricks constructing the walls would do the cooking. This modern adaptation approximates the warm rush of heat and aromas that blast you in the face when opening an oven door.
Don't forget to declare "dutch oven" and remember; practice makes perfect.
After my last Dutch Oven, I find myself sleeping alone.
by assgasket October 25, 2009
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Farting under the blanket then lifting it up trapping your significant other under the covers
Chad woke up early to give Stacy a Dutch Oven
by TheDeadInside May 5, 2023
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The act of trapping a person under bed covers after releasing vile ass fumes
Dave vomited on the sheets when his wife gave him a white castle dutch oven.
by Oooglie Booglie April 18, 2003
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