Softest, most comforting feeling of warmth and happinest, mostly brought on by the lovelyest of girl's touch or love.
When Jill hugs me i get the most luftiest of feeling.
by Greg July 31, 2003
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To air a room after a night´s sleep
This morning i did the lufting of Alex´s bedroom
by Moustilou November 3, 2013
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the stage of limbo between lust and love
PJ: so i guess i'll talk to later hun
Audrey: ok, luft ya
PJ: luft ya too
by Peege May 25, 2008
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I was at 3rd base with my girlfriend and she starting going down on my hairy luft.. my whole body shivered.
by pooyesyes January 24, 2012
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A one word reaction to a positive experience or story. Shortened form of LUVIT.
"Chocolate milk was buy one get one today!" "LUFT"
by wordjunkee108 December 28, 2015
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"Look, there's another Luft"

"She's a luft"
by NVOFOREVER February 13, 2018
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Is Norwegian slang word for talking bullshit. It's used by immigrants who talks kebabnorsk and is very common to hear at the east side of Oslo. "Chatte luft" directly translated to english is to chat air.
Person 1 "Hør'a brur, jeg skal dunke så mange mæber i kveld wallah?"
Person 2 "hva mæber mann? du chatte luft"

Person 1 "Listen bro, I'm going to fuck so many bitches tonight, i swear"
Person 2 " What bitches man? you talkin bullshit"
by Kusemannenslikkerkoss November 23, 2015
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