sWs is the Acronym for Shit, Wank, Shower.
Many individuals have undertaken this process.
One commences by taking a shit,

Having a toss and ending it with a nice shower to clean the knob.
Person A: Yo bro, go on skype!?
Person B: wait, let me go sWs.
by TeamsWs November 06, 2013
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An acronym for "Smut With Substance".
A category of fanfiction. SWS is used to indicate a story containing pornography, but which also includes a plot.
This is the opposite of PWP, which is Porn Without Plot.
The story that had Hermione and Bill in the tattoo shop was rated SWS.
by d_n_me94 December 13, 2005
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A certain Facebook account holder who is conservatively described as guano loco. Her favorite activities include swearing in all caps, threatening lawsuits for Facebook posts, and going off of her meds. Don't reply too quick to this one, as her other favorite activity is to edit posts that hide her insane postings.
"SWS came back. Insanity was a predictable outcome."
by EverGreen October 23, 2012
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Damn she has so many snap streaks...she's such a SWS
by Cachow March 05, 2017
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