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A dispicable act.
"Stop doing major dispicti!"
by Googles January 13, 2004
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Australian slang for the act of smoking cannabis sativa or indica through a bong. One who overindulges is known as a choofmonster.
I was having a choof the other day, when I got bong water all over my white pants.
by Googles January 18, 2004
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A marshy region of Nyassaland populated by Zangdoos and Doozangs. Also, a word used to describe knocking someone on the head while saying "Meep Zonk!".
I crept up behind him and gave him a Meep Zonk - after which he kicked me in the gorguts with FULL FORCE!
by Googles January 22, 2004
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Being obsessed, besotted or in love with a person, animal or thing. Usually to a degree which causes distress to those around one.
Danielle is fisati with Kon.
by Googles January 10, 2004
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1) To be ripped off by a greedy real estate agent. Usually when the price for
real estate or land is raised to a higher price than was verbally agreed on before.

2) The sound made by two Hippopotamuses fucking in a swamp.
1) I got gazumped when I tried to buy that house - after we agreed on a price, they changed the contract.

2) I saw a documentary about hippos gazumping each other..
by Googles January 18, 2004
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A woman who is considered to be immoral due to her large number of sex partners.

A polite way to call someone a prostitute, whore or slut.
When Bear called Coco a Scarlet woman, she didn't know what it meant, so she looked it up online - when she told the cave people what her sister had called her, Snake Eyes agreed and took some Serepax, and Donkey Dentures went out into the shed to drink some wine.
by Googles January 7, 2005
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Australian neologism.

A box in which choof (marijuana) is stored prior to use. Typically made of metal with a motif of a marijuana leaf or funny picture on the lid. May be used to carry lighters, joints, cigarettes, papers, roaches etc in addition to choof.

Also known as a stash box, or stash tin.
The druggies broke into my flat, and stole my choof box!
by Googles October 29, 2004
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