French for "enter" or "come in"; pronounced "on-trails"; usually followed by the word "excrement" (French for "my dear fellow" or "fair lady")
As he opened the door, he welcomed his visitor in the customary manner by saying,"Entrails, excrement!"
by yorrick hunt January 31, 2008
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Entrail is a a definite choice of someone considered a “bitch”. No not entrails as in guts. An entrail could be described as a rat.
Wow look at that entrail.
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Interesting. Very interesting. Captivates your attention!

In other words...PWNING UR MIND
Your use of adjectives is quite ENTRAILING! AHO!
by Rubeus Hagrid April 17, 2008
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The aftermath of an animal being dismembered. The exploded intestines and other such awesome bodily tools.
There were whale entrails encasing the entire planet.
by Spiffy Hamster April 20, 2004
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Injecting peanut butter into a man's anus to entice squirrels to feast upon his ticklish innards. Claws are a bonus, but Crunchy is an acquired taste.
1. Pouched Entrails involves a man standing perfectly still outside the house on a Friday evening. naked but for the peanut butter condiment. A turkey baster used to inject bait into his anus works to entice the wildlife. As squirrels draw near, and indulge on his thighs, they grow curious to what lies nearer the target. Without warning, and more of a dart, the squirrels can dart without warning straight up his peanut hole, fervently clawing and licking everything that could be attained. The man becomes erect. And lonely. (different story).

2. "Wow, I got hammered last weekend. Did someone stuff a squirrel up my ass, or was i imagining shit with a sandwich?
3. Peanut butter, personal space, and Peyote don't always mix.
by Nsla June 26, 2016
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The most fucked up song ever written.
By a death metal band called Cannibal Corpse. The former singer Chris Barnes Wrote and sang it. Its featured in Tomb of the Mutilated.
Alive alone now that they've gone dead but unburied
I've seen it unfold, terrible scenes of agony
Eyes in the darkness
Echoing their madness

The sights that have passed before them
Watching as though it has never happened
Now I only listen to what is not spoken

Murder, hatred
Anger, Savage
Killings I have caused
more than can be counted
orgies of sadism
And sexual perversion
Tied to my mattress
Legs spread wide
Ruptured bowel, yanked
From her insides
Devirginized with my knife
Internally bleeding
Vagina, secreting
her blood-wet pussy
I am eating
on her guts I am feeding
Mutilated with a machete
I fucked her dead body
The first and last
Your life's only romance
My knife's jammed in your ass
As you die you orgasm

Pass on to the dead
Nerve trembling convulsions
No longer looking human

I never see them, but I know they're there
Locked in my subconcious
Obscene memories I thought I'd forgotten
Haunting unrealities
Tear at me
Hold her arms
Her mouth taped shut
Screams unheard
Out pour her guts

Layers of flesh peeling away
Languish in your own decay
descriptions of my killings
bone chilling

Terror, tear, her
Virgin cunt

Virgins are my victims
Their tight interiors I explore
Sharpened utensils of torture
Now inserted inside of her
Sex organs extracted for eating
On her liver I am gnawing

Forbidden lust for guts
Ripped from her cunt
Tears of blood cry down her thigh

I ram my fist inside her hole
From her crotch piss now flows
Rectum filled with shit
I fucked her emptied body
Until she became stiff

Its actually a good song.
Entrails Ripped from a Virgins Cunt
by stfu!!! April 6, 2009
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