it can mean anything. like legit anything in the world. put it in any sentence to describe anything.
"urggg i have a math test" -jermy placenta
"eww thts stretchy. i hate math" -ginlly


"wow i loveee your outfit!! whered u get it??" -holly
"thanks! ik its stretchy, i got it at this stretchy store that im not going to reveal the name of!" -gina

by ginlly March 16, 2010
After playing guitar hero for way too long, when you look at something else and it seems to stretch or move.
Oh, man, I got a bad case of the stretchies.
by Jesse lapin November 2, 2006
Highly capable of stretching easily without breaking or hurting, like flexible but not
- Yo fam, I can touch my toes when I’m stretching

- hahah g you’re so stretchy
by StretchyLad April 27, 2018
A term used to describe the lined marks on a pregnant woman's stomach due to the size when there is a foetus living inside.
Shazza: "I got bare fuckin stretchies on ma belly lyk!"
Cazza: "Yeh, biatch, dey r lyk well ugly init. SIK!!!"
Shazza: "Wats a condom anywayz?"
Cazza: "Dunno ... lyk sumfing bois put on dere diks. Anywayz, u ought 2 use 'em coz dose stretchies are BARE MINGIN MAN!"
by Rose and Cat April 15, 2006
A rather unpleasant result of the act of docking, the foreskin can stretch up to lengths of down to the ground.
Dan says to Gavin

Dan:"Crikey mate, you have a stretchy foreskin."

Gavin:"That's from all the docking mate."
by Dr. Docking December 26, 2017
A sexual act in which a male or female takes the vagina of a female and stretches it out with both hands. The full "Stretchy Roger" would be to complete the act of stretching the vagina over your head like a hat.
Man, I can't believe Billy and Emily pulled off a Stretchy Roger last night.
by 1Mudkip88 December 8, 2010