Just another way to say you are thoroughly exhausted.
I am so exhausticated that it isn't even funny!
by UntamedShrew August 22, 2005
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Usually used to describe aftermarket part added to cars. If used properly, makes a very nice deep growl. Used improperly yields a very shitty sound, like on crappy rice rockets because they think it adds 25 hp. Also see fart pipe aka fart can.
by MoonKnight November 26, 2002
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Being so tired that you'll say and do things you will most certainly regret later.

Not understanding words coming out of peoples mouths but responding as though you do...again regretting your words spoken.

You begin to hear voices (inside your head) and you talk back to them loudly so everyone around you can hear that you don't take that shit from anyone!

Last but not least, staring at the wall rocking back and forth replaying the past many hours you've been awake thinking about all the things you should have and could have done differently while laughing and thinking everyone else is crazy, not you.

Exhaustion. Get some damn sleep whack job!
Awake Sleep Tired Angry Insane Nuts Crazy Exhaustion
by NiGhTwAkEr February 01, 2014
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Interesting and hopelessly addicting
Robby is so exhausting! I can't stop talking to him and I'm sexually attracted to him.
by Not Robby March 22, 2009
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A state where your body is fully capable but the mind is exhausted.
I just woke up but I can’t go to office due to this exhaustism.
by Triptitious April 08, 2018
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