In everquest (and other games) it means out of mana.
The healers oom and now we are fucked.
by Krakatau October 2, 2003
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Switch to off-heal I'm oom!
by mazijoon January 30, 2008
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what a dsylexic cow says
The dyslexic cow went oom
by *BoB* October 27, 2004
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And the dyslexic cow said, "Oom."
by shadeofpalms December 10, 2003
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To have finished your drink, but still require more. Most often used in the bar scene.
"Hold on guys im oom, let me go get another drink."

"Bartender! Help me out, im oom!"
by Forne June 21, 2009
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Abbreviation for "out of mind", supposedly originating from the Red vs. Blue miniseries. Adjective meaning bored or sleep-deprived to the point of feeling disembodied.
by Jack Abramov September 6, 2008
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An old word which means your spectrum hobbit or lord of the rings adventure has fucking crashed again
You go east. You are in the dark stuffy passage. You can see Thorin. Thorin is carrying: the small curious key. The vicious goblin enters. Thorin strikes the vicious goblin. With one well-placed blow Thorin OOM
by Andy April 18, 2004
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