The absurdly long organs kept in the belly, usually susceptible to removal by velociraptor.
"...or maybe across the belly, spilling your intestines..."
by Dr jebus PhD April 30, 2009
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1. The organ that creates the shit that come out of your ass.

2. Someone who thinks up nothing but shit and uses that to argue with or insult someone.
1. I had to get surgery, there was a blockage in my intestines.

2. Those customers and workers at County Market suck at coming up with actual insults that aren't OLD. They are nothing but walking intestines.
by hahauwish March 2, 2010
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A small explosive object planted into your throat when you enter the fabled prison of "fortress". The object chills in your intestine until you act bad, or go outside the red lines, then it explodes your intestine. This was eventually overcome, because the intestinator was seen to be magnetic, and when gay-rapist prisoner "187" got intestinated, they grabbed his intestinator.
"Intestinate him"

"Get this intestinator OUT OF ME!"
by Ryan Cosentino-Rouche July 30, 2006
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Imagine a lopsided circle in side of your torso that would be a potato. Imagine a long string of content that no one wants that is every Netflix original ever. Now imagine a long case of flesh compacted into your abdomen this is your intestines, you are given your intestines at birth when your mother regurgitates them into your mouth.

Fun fact! If you grabbed someone’s intestines and stretched them out till they started to rip you would be insane!
Person 1: what should we do?
Person 2: well since he ate all of her ass the only option is to remove it from is intestines.

Person 1: GASP!
by Interface5 March 14, 2018
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It is when you're buttfucked in the ass and you feel a penis ride up and tickle your small intestines
Yo he got intestinal
by Yolomaster6837 February 5, 2016
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When you stick your dick so far up a girls ass it goes in her intestine when it dose it will make you wanna cum beacuse of how good and slippery it feels
hey baby guess what)(what ) * pulls out dick and puts in butt* (omg jorge thats sooo good thats an intestine job
by efvbsfdrvsfdebgerdscadsbfvdasv November 29, 2010
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