1.) To be considered good by popular belief.

2.) Can be used to compliment someone, especially with high enthusiasm.

3.) Can describe a very strong, aggravating smell.
1.) Damn! That bitch is lookin pungent tonite!

2.) Yo! Shit, Tom you fucked that bitch with some pungency!

3.) Holy hell Roy, your football pants is smellin pungent..
by C-Ris October 19, 2005
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A pungent is a polite fellow who makes bad jokes.
My husband was the first pungent I ever met.
by Willow Zee December 19, 2018
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Pungent Stench was a death metal band from Vienna, Austria, which formed in 1988. It' the best death metal band ever in Austria.
I've got Pungent Stench's latest CD.
by S.Hooh September 12, 2009
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Stagnant vagina. Very smelly from lack of washing.
When she walked past all I could smell was pungent muff.
by Harold J Pensworth August 3, 2016
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really smelly tits that might have hair
I was about to do it but she had pungent tits
by Mrs.Ayers June 23, 2006
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Hot brown lava, clinically known as feces or fecal matter, either human or animal. Often characterized by its unholy aroma.
That cheesy five layer burrito gave me the worst pungent mud.

That fart smells like pugent mud bro.

poop diarrhea dump shit crap
by TheBetch July 26, 2015
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Heradic device, symbolising a lack of hygiene on the female line.
"And the beaver pungent informs us the the third Lady Whelkingham was a stranger to soap" explained the professor.
by George Vespe May 11, 2008
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