The qualities of a particular strain of Kratom (energy, pain relief, euphoric).
This Red Vein Malay is rated 8/10 aroma for pain relief. It is also very relaxing, making it great at bedtime.
by talk2me-JCH2 February 15, 2021
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To personally fragrance an enclosed space, alone or in the company of others is to leave an aroma. To invite an unwelcome smell into the area and act suspiciously responsible.
"man that aroma is rank! not around the ladies!"
"you fucken dirty bastard that is WRONG, go clean yourself up"
by rainey06au August 2, 2005
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where old retired people live. where the young people are adicted to drugs and/or sex.
My neighbor walks his llama every morning through Aromas.
by girlfixerserena July 12, 2008
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When someone’s fart is So rank it makes you sick (Vomit)
Damn, I got the Aroma Virus cause his fart was so rank I puked.
by Yaya2007 April 30, 2020
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A horrible stench smelling like cow turds that blows through the greater Sonoma area when the wind blows in any given season (particularly spring and fall)
dude, I thought someone pooed on my doorstep until i realized it was just the sonoma aroma
by pseudym-fear May 22, 2010
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The feeling of being slapped in the face with a person's smell prior to them actually arriving.
Julie: "Oh my god, what is that smell???"
Janet: "I don't know, but is that Joe coming over?"
Joe: "Hey, how you ladies doin?"
Julie: "Thanks for the aroma slap Joe. What is that, Axe body spray or something?"
by Faulken May 10, 2011
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