103 definition by Gary

Someone who listens to bands like blink182 and greenday. wears baggy jeans and baggy tops, usualy a huddy with the name of one of the above bands on. skateboards.
cant think of one so meh!
by Gary September 28, 2004

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Gaz sucks cock
by Gary June 18, 2003

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For All of use wondering who STC fancies i know and it is JAMIE LEE ROSS
SORRY FATSO i had to tell every1 peace
y-did u tell them gary- because you are fat stc
by Gary December 04, 2003

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To remove ones friend from a room you are sharing with them, no questions asked, when you bring a girl back to the aforementioned room.
"Buuza, I'm calling parlay on you"
by Gary April 12, 2005

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The term used for beer when completely intoxicated
"BER ME!!!!" or "Nice BER-AMID"
by Gary July 09, 2003

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an ammount given to someone when asked for a decent ammount of a cigarette. around a thumbs worth sideways next to the begging of the filter. see also term ace
person one: hey can I get a little bit of your cigg?
person two: how about a bust-down?
person one: sure, thanks.
by gary March 12, 2005

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When some bitch is all nasty like a hoe ass hoe bitch and you start to get a boner at first cuz she looks got then shes a stanky bitch and ur shit goes inverted and basically turns into a vagina.
Ah, that bitch was nasty, i got an inverted penis now, fuck fuckity fuck fuck, damn bitch.


Gary: Hey t-bag tom? is that bitch makin ur penis inverted?
Tom: Ha, yup!
by Gary January 25, 2005

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