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The girl that is just everything you want. She's cute, funny and is just the type of person you'd love to be around with. All the guys wanna date her and girls wanna be like her. She's the type of girl you'd really want to spend the rest of your life of. The type of girl that you want to keep close and never let go. When she's in a relationship, she's fully committed and won't even look at anyone else. She'll spend all her time with you and make you feel amazing.
guy1: she's unlike any girl i've seen
guy2: yep, she's a cindy.
by imreallyjustafgt September 24, 2014
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Cute, lovable, mysterious, kind, funny, smart, talented, shy,and sweet
Cindy is so awesome
by pixelgirl August 26, 2016
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a cindy is a funny,loud,pretty person. shes always texting and instagraming. sometimes she gets in trouble , but you got to love a cindy. shes that kind of best friend you can always trust and she will make u laugh.
did you see cindy yesterday?

omg yes shes so funny. i loved her jokes!
by kittycatloveu March 02, 2015
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A girl who is hot as hell and very smart. She is sweet and a smile that will light up a room. U better keep a Cindy
There is a Cindy at my school
U better keep her
by Whodatfnatik May 23, 2015
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Often used to describe a girl who is amazingly cute. Usually innocent and smart as well.
Guy #1: Dayyyyum. That girl is so fine. And mad cute.
Guy #2: Yea, she's totally a Cindy
by Princess Sophia and George October 08, 2006
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she is one of a kind she puts a fake smile all day so no one would ask her if she's ok or if she's depressed but she has one person she could talk to like he is the only one who understands her but there friend ship is different during day but on messeages there friend ship is strong as steel and they both are depressed but they dont want to talk about it to everyone and he always tells her be safe or find someone who understands you better than anyone there friendship will change this cruel world we live in
be safe cindy i hope you find someone who loves you and understands you better than anyone
by fortniteog November 18, 2018
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The girl that is beautiful, cute, sweet, smart, lovable, talented, lucky, and mysterious. The name of Cindy is for a perfection. She is the girl that all you want. That will understand and hear you. Every guy want to date her and every girl want to be like her. And if she is in relation she will be loyal. She is the type of girl that you want to spend all your time with her. She is perfect.
Guy 1 : "I love her!"
Guy 2 : "Who?"
Guy 3 : "Of course Cindy."

Guy 1 : "Where do you know?"
Guy 3 : " All guy love her."
Guy 1 : "She is very very beautiful, smart, cute, multi talented, care, and a good listener. She is very very perfect."
by Regina Gracia November 18, 2018
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