Always manages to screw everything up in your life. Also works with Mister Nobody
by Gary April 24, 2005
the person responsible for negotiating XJT's Contract 2002 on behalf of the pilots.
My contract sucks, someone else is surely to blame!
by tim-tim April 26, 2004
This is when you wake up in the morning feeling like you really tied one on the night before even though you didn't have anything to drink. Through some sort of karmic mixup, you woke up with someone else's hangover, and they woke up feeling like a champ.
me: Ouch. My head's really banging this morning.

you: Well, you didn't have anything to drink last night - must have someone else's hangover.
by Kronite March 24, 2008
Being able to shower with a significant other and engaging in intercourse while in the shower together.
Bro I I'm going to be showering with someone else when you get back from work. Don't walk into the bathroom and I'll try to keep her quite as possible.
by Boywonder42 April 19, 2016
Copying someone elses style, or just agreeing with what they say and believe to fit in.
What a jerk. Tom started wearing his hat backwards like John, just so he would like him. He is jumping John's train.
by VAKI5 May 8, 2005
One of the most annoying things to come across is someone who is offended on behalf of someone else, especially when that other person themselves isn't offended or even a victim. It's when someone is offended by something that isn't an attack on them.
American Liberals are offended on behalf of someone else when they try to make us replace "Indian" with "Native American", even when Indians themselves prefer the former and are not offended at all.
by Xxxxxxxxfanboyxxxxxxxxxx November 20, 2020