"ing" is used by gamers as a short "ingame"
-So you finaly made skype!
-yea, write ing
by Iesdi/SE- April 20, 2012
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ing - a suffix used to form adjectives or verbs - in the ghetto language, the suffix -ing is hardly ever used. Instead, you can replace it with the suffix -in' or just -in. The sound of the g is eliminated.
by disturbed May 6, 2004
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A speech impediment noise made at the end of words, hugely popular in the gay community
Me : what are you doing tonight

Jack: watching my sister get ploughed with peanut butter(ng)
by NAURTS February 11, 2019
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One of the many dialects of ino , it is currently unknown who the creator is but people speculate it could be Petalson
“Thanking! fren
by Brmfryys October 19, 2020
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"ing" is a suffix used for doing something. The word bing has a ing but it does not do something.
by @# September 7, 2022
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An adjective describing undescribable joy or worth. Something heavenly or beyond Godliness.


An adjective describing tedium, bordom, or undescribable hell.

It stems from the common adjective ending of "-ing" and is simply repeated but said differently. A dragged accent is spoken on the first "ing" rather than the second. Normally when spoken, there is a pause prior to the word. When written, an elipses comes before it. Use it cautiously.
Damn this term paper! It's just so...ing-ing!

What a great term paper! It's just so...ing-ing!
by Brian May 5, 2004
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The process of adding the suffix "ing" to a word (noun, adjective, verb, etc.) to make it into a verb in present continuous tense.
Prescriptivists don't enjoy the inging of nouns such as facebook into verbs such as facebooking. It drives them nuts.
by theFallingJack December 16, 2010
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