Introduced in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. Ing were born when a phazon meteor struck the planet Aether with such force that a dimensional rift created a dark version of the world (Dark Aether). This warring race seeked to destroy the light world and its peaceful sentients, the Luminoth. They are capable of possessing other creatures, allowing them entrance into that world; light is fatal to them otherwise.

In solid form, Ing are dark, spider-like creatures with five legs and several glowing red eyes (although they can be depicted as one big red orb like in the official art). They can also revert to a puddle of dark matter.
The Ing stole the "Light of Aether" from Agon's Energy Temple.
by Aqua December 27, 2004
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A speech impediment noise made at the end of words, hugely popular in the gay community
Me : what are you doing tonight

Jack: watching my sister get ploughed with peanut butter(ng)
by NAURTS February 11, 2019
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The "-ing" suffix
Adding -ing to the end of a word to start an idiotic new trend in order to take some idiotic pictures to get attention from other idiots who will follow.
Douche number 1: Hahahaa i love planking!
Douche number 2: Thats old! Owling is whats in!
Douche number 3: No way. You guys are so 2 weeks ago. cone-ing is the shit now.
by TheUrbanWordsmith July 20, 2011
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ing - a suffix used to form adjectives or verbs - in the ghetto language, the suffix -ing is hardly ever used. Instead, you can replace it with the suffix -in' or just -in. The sound of the g is eliminated.
by disturbed May 06, 2004
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-ing is a suffix that you add to someone's name to turn it into an action that describes something they do a fuck of a lot.

It is usually used in a playful, fun fashion and has its origins in characteristic ways people play boardgames.
Allisoning is to praise something enthusiastically that is actually pretty shit.
by Aminto Words October 10, 2019
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