to be mugged or jacked by somebody else.
"oh my days ave u heard wat appened 2 aaron, he got eaten"
by amera August 31, 2005
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Having lost a man, life etc. in a video game, such as Pac-Man
When a player gets eaten in Make Trax, his paintbrush is turned into a cowboy hat and the machine plays "The Twelfth Street Rag."
by Anthony Brancato August 22, 2003
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The idea that if you do not work your ass off, then someone else will beat you to it and potentially take advantage of you. It is the concept of fighting to be the best and come out on top or else you'll just be another unimportant number.

A fight or flight mechanism where only the strong win and survive.
Friend: "How'd you get that promotion and come out on top?'"
Me: "I worked harder than everyone else, didn't take shit from anyone, never quit, and beat everybody else to it."

Friend: "Hell yeah bro! Eat or be eaten!"
by jackelliott September 22, 2017
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A person is so fat they look like they have eaten themselves and there is 2 of that person, one person inside and one person outside.
That person is so fat it looks like they have eaten themself
by Rafphillips June 7, 2014
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Most commonly used as slang for when a girl receives oral sex. Can also mean when a guy receives a blow job.

Girls love to be eaten out.
I'm a giver, she loves it when I eat her out.

Guys be sure your girl gets clean down there before you goto the fish market, nobody likes to eat rotten tuna.
by Josh2xX December 25, 2007
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1. Eating a woman's pussy until she can no longer produce female lubricant.
She made me stop pleasuring her after she was Eaten Clean .
by the2ndflood November 14, 2007
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When you get excessively bit by mosquitos. Anything upwards of 3-4 mosquito bites in one instance constitutes being eaten alive.
Wow I was seriously eaten alive last night. I have 6 bites just on one leg!
by d0nta5k December 29, 2022
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