acting like a pussy
Quit being so apprehensive you pussy
by suckItMark January 19, 2011
Having an orgasm when you're frightened or anxious about something important to settle your nerves and calm you down.
I had an apprehensive orgasm before my audition.
by Cosmic243 February 3, 2014
The transitional stage between using MySpace as a primary social networking service to Facebook. It is commonly accompanied by irrational feelings of hatred towards the new-found social networking website, and possibly even mass confusion. Disdainful status updates, sneering remarks concerning Facebook's privacy policies, and eventually temporary profile deletion shortly follow after profile creation.
Monica: Carlos still uses MySpace more than Facebook.
Glen: Yeah, I read his blog and he never stops talking about how much everyone and everything sucks.

Monica: Give him another couple months, he just has facebook apprehension.
by cakeisallright June 4, 2010
When one man gets shy and goes soft during a Lonesome Richard.
Adam was excited about executing a Lonesome Richard until Max pulled an Apprehensive William.
by Apprehensive William January 15, 2010
is the fear that every guy expieriences when he is about to insert a finger, his cock, or any other object into a girls ass. the girl is usually looking in the other direction due to being in the 69 position or just bent over . the man will have a river of emotions rushing through his mind god will she attack me...scream at me end the session or just look at me in disgust. once the guy sifts through this phase he will put his fears aside and begin the process of reaming out her anal cavity not caring of any consequences.
as lisa was working my fleshy pole i noticed her ass in very close proximity to me. i looked around the room saw the bottle an thought this could fit. as i kicked the idea around for a minute or two i decided ya know lisa is a whore an would most likely love this bottle inserted in her puckered ass . so i proceeded to impale her ass with the bottle .....she didnt mind even encouraged it ass apprehension
by tommy tissue September 8, 2011
a boy who stands 10 feet away from girls when they talk to each other
david is a apprehensive fag
by ricky jr September 13, 2009
afraid that something bad or unpleasant is going to happen
he was quit apprehensively about the surgery
by valro January 16, 2022