103 definition by Gary

To do a job by hand, as opposed to machinery.
"You can use this control panel to fix the sauna if you like."
"Nah, this hot, wet, baby can only be fixed with a handjob!
by Gary April 24, 2005

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When Mel wants 2 cum, and what she is all the time.
Fuck, she is horny. She needs to cuuuuuuum!
Mel is so damm horny
by Gary May 01, 2004

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you smell like lindas queeif
by gary October 29, 2003

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a white, female dog from Cuba
The acl took a dump in the feng shui corner.
by Gary April 11, 2003

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fieces that still has visabel traces of food in it like small nuts and sweetcorn
i've just layed a chugnut
by gary March 17, 2004

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