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High quality alcohol. The most expensive of it's type.
Get me a Grey Goose and cranberry. I only drink top shelf Vodka.

person 1: I got wasted off of cheap Tequila last weekend. I had a nasty hangover!

person 2: Well, that's what you get for not drinking top shelf.
by gary October 21, 2004
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"Troops" is a slang word for mates, ften used in West Central Scotland. Many gang, or "young team" member will refer to their fellow cronies as "the troops".
Also, "troopz" or "troopers" are acceptable terms to use.
Awrite troops. Who we doin in eh night?
by gary February 25, 2005
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Created by the legendary Funky_Del as a more fitting replacement for lol; means "That made me lick my balls!". To be more precise, lol in messaging services nowadays is more of a general part of a sentence, like a full stop or comma, than to mean you actually "laughed out loud", and in contrast "lmao" seems too much to use for things that are only vaguely funny. Therefore, tmmlmb was created.
"... anyway, I was thinking..."
by gary April 30, 2005
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Always manages to screw everything up in your life. Also works with Mister Nobody
by gary April 24, 2005
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As Kids in Toronto in Winter we would sneak up to a stopped car and grab on to the bumper. Then get towed along the icey street till we fell off or the car stopped again. It was great fun and our name for it was Shagging.

I know what it means in Britain, I've been living here the past 10 years!
by gary September 24, 2004
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Shamatita : 1.(n)One who enjoys anal sex with wooden objects shaped like rappers.

2.(n) One who loves to finer bang random men's assholes outside a chinese restaurant (preferably a buffet).
That Shamatita had splinters in who vagin-whole.
by gary February 20, 2004
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I am a shang
You are a shang
I want to shang you
Shang me now
by gary November 26, 2003
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