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Used to describe something that is excessively dark, often to a point where it's overbearingly depressive nature could be considered humorous.
Tommy: I like to cut myself while listening to Evanescence and choking on the tears of a thousand dying orphans.
Billy: Geez Tommy, why so edgy?
by Spock's Socks January 12, 2017
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something or someone trying too hard to be cool, almost to a point where it's cringe worthy.
"that skull with the flowers around it is edgy as fuck"
by ゴジラ December 13, 2016
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the act of being edgy is basically teenage kids that think theyre cool. hardcore kids seem to think theyre the fucking edgyest things everr.
"why are you wearing that bandanna out of your pocket," says 9th grade homeroom teacher.

"because i'm effin edgy biotch," says asshole.
by btribe June 15, 2008
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Adjective. Taking coolness to its extreme and generally beyond the realm of actual possibility, while at the same time seemingly unaware of how ridiculous it is.

Distinctions from similar words:
* Mary-Sue: This is distinct from mary-sue because characters generally have "flaws", but which end up making them cooler as opposed to actually flawed.
* Try-hard: Edgy characters go for diversity in their coolness instead of a specific theme. An edgy character is much more diversely cool, whereas a try-hard goes for something specific, like "only using knives" or "hates color because he/she is goth".
* Campy: Edgy things are either unaware of their ridiculousness or actively try to explain it away. In contrast, campy things are totally aware of how ridiculous they are and actively embrace it.
Examples of Edgy characters/things:
* Guts from Berserk: short black hair, insanely large sword, missing hand (which he replaced with a gun), scars (which make him look cool).
* Dante from the more recent DMC:Devil May Cry.
* Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII.
* Pretty much any protagonist of a "dark and gritty" anime.
* All of the characters from the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series.
* Nearly every character in a World of Darkness campaign, especially when LARPing.
* Clive Owen, Jason Statham Bruce Willis, and Liam Neeson in a lot of their more recent films.
by Recurve March 28, 2015
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Usually referencing the act of or being of a person that is 'trying' to be or may 'be' on the cutting-edge of something specific, or in general (very obscure music, extravagantly violent Asian horror movies, etc.) to be cool and ahead of the norm, and is usually used as an insult in most contexts.

Most people who get plastered with this label in a truthful manner, and not in an insult-like manner usually of which is improperly describing someones tastes in said things, are 'kids' or in general people who psychology have pushed themselves into a funnel of wanting to be part of something different because they can't fit in to anything else. Or to build a pseudo-ego to have something to be proud of, when in reality it is just making them look very dumb.
Surfer Guy 1: "Hey man, I found out about this.. "Floral Shoppe" music last night, you heard about it before?"
Surfer Guy 2: "Wtf, sounds edgy dude haha."
by Real Cool Kid September 10, 2015
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A word that now no longer means "trying to be cool by being violent ECT." But is now a word that annoying internet gooers type when they see anything negative they don't like
Guy: I've been diagnosed with depression, and I don't want to live anymore
Other guy: you're so edgy
by Visvix February 23, 2017
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Applied to books, music, or even haircuts which tend to challenge societal norms and reveal the dark side. Cutting edge.
Novels by Chris Crutcher, Adam Rapp, and Alex Flinn.
by Nikki March 21, 2005
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