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a condescending, demeaning nickname guys use for other guys they pity or feel more influential over.
Kid: "Hey Ryan"

Ryan: "Oh hey buddy, nice to see you. I'll see you later though"
by TinDaddy July 27, 2010
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Jamaican Patios slang for penis. Unlike North America, terms such as cock and dick are rarely used by Jamaicans and instead cocky, buddy or even penis, are preferred.
Vybz Kartel "Tek Buddy" from 2003
Tek buddy gal, you think me easy?
Who you a ramp with? Yuh want live easy?
Tek me things and yuh tek me money too
So tek buddy too, tek buddy gal!

Take dick girl, you think i'm a walkover
who you playing around with, you want to be a gold digger
you take my things and take my money too
so take my cock too

Artist: Vybz Kartel. Song: Tek Buddy Gal. Riddim: Tunda Clap. Year: 2003. Label: Renaissance. Producer: Delano Thomas & Andre Saunders & Michael Jarrett.
by DuanCulo aka Duante Amorculo December 08, 2014
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The term of endearment, "Buddy", b/n the opposite sex suggests a great love and appreaciation for each other. Cuddling, and sexual acts also are common and encouraged because the friendship is so strong that performing this acts simply brings the individuals closer. The term, when used b/n the opposite sexes is often mistakenly viewed as a sign of friendship without sexual connotations. This assumption falls shorts, as the it is at that point of the friendship that affection in all manners needs to be initiated. This is a common misunderstanding and is why many men see the friends zone as a dead end. Wake up! It is your green light
Woman: Hey buddy
Male: Do feel like cuddling
Woman: I thought you'd never ask
by Tragicmulatta October 28, 2015
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A word usually used as a nickname. Often used in a condescending manner.
In some cases used by women to put a male friend back in their place.
Example 1:
Kid: "Hey John."
John: "Hey buddy."

Example 2:
Male Friend: "Wow, you look beautiful. You're so amazing!"
Female: "Haha Thanks Buddy."
by DoughBoii December 11, 2017
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Cheap, non-name-brand shoes. Usually purchased at Walmart and made in China.
Carl's parents were on welfare, therefore he had no choice but to wear buddies to school and endure the ridicule of his peers.

Song lyrics: 'Buddies...they make my feet feel fine, Buddies...they cost a dollar-ninety-nine!'
by Zambizzi December 28, 2007
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