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Effeminant gestures, expressions and manners of speech gay men exhibit, usually in the company of other gay close friends, also referred to as camping or camping it up, sometimes insulting
Oh, Mary, how stunning! You look like shit, but I'm absolutely stunned!

Fuck you, bitch! You've got more chins than a Chinese phone book.
by Frankie & Johnny April 8, 2005
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to commit suicide, to bump one's self off
Of all the joints in this city, she had to come into this hell hole to do Dutch. Poor kid, I wonder what was troubling her.
by Frankie & Johnny April 8, 2005
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going backwards or in reverse, back to a previous era in style or appearance; from the Sputnik-Space Race Era ... retro rockets, firing retro rockets enabled a space craft to break orbit and return to the gravitational pull of the earth for re- entry
Now firing retro rockets. Roger, Mission Control!
by Frankie & Johnny April 8, 2005
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sequestered opium/prostitution den with many small cubical like rooms where prostitutes are kept "high" and rented out for sex by their pimp or madam
Charlie Fong was one of the most notorious white slavers. He ran a chicken coop in a basement on Mott Street where he had as many as 25 kidnapped girls working at one time.
by Frankie & Johnny April 8, 2005
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Homosexual subculture expression where one over the edge gay man indicates that the news or incident that has happened to him isjust too terrible to explain (but he's going to tell you anyway); Mary ... another gay man
QUESTION: So where is the autographed program from the Barbra Streisand concert?
REPLY: Oh Mary, don't ask! After I rode the train for two fucking hours out to Port Jefferson, that fucking tight assed bitch wouldn't sell it to me.
by Frankie & Johnny April 8, 2005
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high heeled, ankle strapped woman's shoes circa 1940s causing one to walk in a pronounced, seductive, strutting motion, made popular by actress Joan Crawford
Listen, Mary, just because you're wearing those Joan Crawford Come Fuck Me Pumps, you still ain't no movie star!
by Frankie & Johnny April 8, 2005
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noun, circa 1900, USA ... in use from the turn of the century to the beginning of Prohibition; a lower class Bowery urban type saloon-dance hall-tavern catering to gamblers, con-artists, pick pockets, prostitutes, women of easy virture, homosexual pansies and the like. A place one would go slumming for a good time. An urbanized version of the Wild West Saloon, but seedier, a dive or joint. Fun, like a ride down a slide in a children's playground.
We always pinned our money to the inside of our knickers; that slide was full of classy dips and burglers.
by Frankie & Johnny April 8, 2005
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