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To drop by or show up somewhere; to come through
I hear you're throwing another banger tonight, looks like Imma have to slide.

Party at my house at 9, you and you're crew should slide.
by Maria Pulgarin March 30, 2016
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Open air shoes similar to flip-flops; slides, however, have one "hoop" that the foot is slid under to keep the shoes in place.
I couldn't find my flip-flops to wear to the pool; instead I grabbed a pair of slides. They were looser, anyway.
by newagelink June 17, 2005
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a girl that is known as the neighborhood hoe. someone that just gets used for sexual purposes with no strings attached
neh man i aint go out with her she just a slide
by ilcapo June 05, 2005
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To let go of some type of conflict; to excuse an insult.
Even though John dissed Frank, he let it slide and they were still friends.
by Sub Zenyth April 08, 2005
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A)In Miami Fl usually means to be at attendence at a party or other event.
B)In Miami Fl means to always be there for your boyfriend or girlfriend
A) jill: you gon slide to da party tonite?
B) I'm gon slide for my boyfriend I love that dude.
by flygirl305 June 14, 2009
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