A subculture is a group of people with different ideologies and usually fashion and music tastes then that of the larger culture they are a part of. Many subcultures also detest the "mainstream" and commercialization.

Several subcultures flourish because of the almost genetic need for people to belong, most notably youth. Because of this, many corporations have taken notice of them and begun to exploit and profit off said subculture's music or fashion tastes. This leads to a complete bastardization of the original intentions of the group and may kill off the group entirely.

In short, a subculture is a group detaching itself from "mainstream" society, catering to certain people's ideologies and preferences.
The punk movement is an excellent example of the rise and fall of a subculture.
by An Anonymous Observer November 28, 2006
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A branch off from mainstream culture embracing it's own unique style. Often times, as more and more people do it, pieces of various subcultures become mainstream.
Gothic kids have a subculture all their own.
by Denis Baldwin February 3, 2004
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A culture that has formed in mainstreem culture and then take it under ground.
The easiest subculture to use as an example is the goth scene. It started from the punk movment and then went underground when punk and goth music became "un-popular" (ie no longer in the pop charts) where it flourished. The goth scene now has its own fashion, sociological and poltical veiws, religions (Wicca, Satanism, agnostisism and even budism have all been accepted by the goth scene) as well as its own music scene.
Subculture's should be treated as any other cultures, with an open mind.
Goth/Industrial, Hip Hop (Until recently when it became mainstreem and was pillaged by the Chavs), Punk and Muslim/Sikh/Jewish/Hindu cultures when taken to the west become sub-culture.
by Mike December 2, 2004
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a subculture is a group of people going by their beliefs mostly on what they have heard like the music they like or by following their friends ideas.

Goths: are people who like death.

Emos: hate their lives so much that they get depressed enjoys self harm because they believe it's the only thing they feel.

Scenes: like emos but they like colourful things.

Punks: likes to disobey orders and breaking all the rules.

Moshers/rockers: from what i seen most of them are ready 2 fight you normally see these nutjobs starting a moshpit in a consert.

Chavs: the people who think they are hard and drink alot with there hands down there trousers, starts fights alot on other people.
by wok75 May 24, 2009
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A subculture normally has a different style of clothing, hair, music and a different personallity to another subculture

emos: wear white and black cloths and black skinny jeans with places on there face pierced with black or dark blue converse, they have their hair covering one eye with black hair, normally listens too the artists Three days grace or My chemical romance and their personallity is depressed and they like going on about the diffuculties in life and they hate themselves.

Goths: wear black cloths with studs and chains and they have boots big ones, they have their hair long and black, normally listens to the artists marilyn manson and evanescence and their personallity is that they hate life.

Scenes: wears bright colourful cloths with their faced peirced with bright skinny jeans with bright converse, they have their hair like emos but brightly coloured, normally listens too the artists metro station and escape the fate also their personallity is that they normally have obsessive behaviour basically scenes are like emos but have an obsession with bright coloured things.

punks: wear torn clothing normally dark cloths with chains, their hair is normally one of the most bizzaire spiky hair, normally listens too the artists greenday and sex pistols also their personallity is too break all the rules and disobey orders.

Moshers/rockers: they wear baggy cloths most likely blue jeans and a black baggy hoody with a band or skull on it they usually have airwalks, their hair is usually long and their natural hair colour, normally listens too the artists metallica and system of a down also their personallity is that they are up for a fight and like pyshical contact.

Chavs: usually got brown, grey or blue hoodies with joggers bottoms with lacoste shoes, thier hair is usually short for boys and long for girls usually their natural colour with blonde highlight or whatever, normally listens too r & b or rap music also their personallity is that they think their hard.
by wok75 May 26, 2009
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It is a word made up by goths to describe their movement. It is basically a word used to describe a popculture movement that isn't 'popular' any more but still has a following.
I really liked Goth stuff when it was popular and still do, but instead of thinking for myself and accruing music and styles from a wide range of influences, I'm going to conform to the Goth Subculture.
see Hot Topic
by Gleb April 16, 2005
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Subcultured is a comedy podcast* that explores bizarre and niche subcultures from around the world. It is terrible, absolutely the worst and you should do anything in your power to avoid it and all costs. There's good, there's bad and then there's Subcultured.

Never before has "Thanks, I hate it" applied so well.

Hosted by a bunch of monkeys, and their nightmare boss 'Mr Piss', the podcast explores the world of; Competitive Eating, Juggalos, Body Modifications, Real Vampires, Foot Fetishes, Trainspotters, Ghosts hunters, Chilli Eaters, Clowns, Witches, Flat Earthers, Nudists, Detectorists, Vore (because of course they do) and many more.

Don't go anywhere near them on:
Soundcloud/Itunes/Spotify - @subculturedcast
Twitter - twitter.com/SubculturedCast
Instagram - www.instagram.com/subculturedcast/


*Not to be confused with the PBS mini-series, which definitely didn't try to steal their idea 2 years later but shitter.

Editor - Mr Piss
"Did you listen to the latest episode of Subcultured last night?"
"Yes, thanks I hate it"
by SubculturedCast October 15, 2022
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