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A subculture is a group of people with different ideologies and usually fashion and music tastes then that of the larger culture they are a part of. Many subcultures also detest the "mainstream" and commercialization.

Several subcultures flourish because of the almost genetic need for people to belong, most notably youth. Because of this, many corporations have taken notice of them and begun to exploit and profit off said subculture's music or fashion tastes. This leads to a complete bastardization of the original intentions of the group and may kill off the group entirely.

In short, a subculture is a group detaching itself from "mainstream" society, catering to certain people's ideologies and preferences.
The punk movement is an excellent example of the rise and fall of a subculture.
by An Anonymous Observer November 27, 2006
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A branch off from mainstream culture embracing it's own unique style. Often times, as more and more people do it, pieces of various subcultures become mainstream.
Gothic kids have a subculture all their own.
by Denis Baldwin February 03, 2004
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Hello, today I am going to explain the many sub cultures in and around the UK.

A sub culture is defined by what style a person is usually forced to be as a teenager. In the UK there are two main sub cultures these are:

A rock music based influenced culture
A Inner city based culture

At present in 2006 the most common term for these two cultures is 'Chav' (a inner city culture) and 'Emo' (a rock music culture).

But these two sub cultures can be catorgorized further. For the rock music culture the following sub sub cultures can be catorgorized:

Grunger - Would usually wear Vans or converse shoes, denim jeans (dark blue) and a black hoodie with a band logo written on it. Enjoy old-fashioned metal music such as Nirvana and Him. See Grunger for more detail.

Emo - This is a relatively new culture. It was originally based on self harming and depression. Emo is short for emotional rocker which describes the style of music. The music is described as Quote: 'Punk music on estrogen'. Clothing is often black with converses. See emo for more detail.

Skater - Fashion style can vary depending how grunger or indie influened they are. But it must be said that Skaters always wear skate shoes (most commonly Vans). Oh yeah, free time will always be spend skating.

Indie - I'll begin with music. In the 60's it was all about the Beatles, 70's Rolling stones, 80's the Clash, 90's Ash and 00's Feeder. Indie can also be described as punk. Indie is one of the few rock music influenced sub cultures that are not american influenced (union jack all the way!). Most commonly found at british festivals. Hard to describe fashion. See Indie

Goth - Dark, dark, dark, version of emo but without the depression. Music includes evanesance. Fashion is dark and pircings is common.

To conclude rock music influenced cultures, (without being biased) in my opinion indie is the most respected because it is never on a 'war' with another sub culture.

Inner city cultures are some of the least resepected in the UK. These cultures start in poor destricts of major cities such as London or New York. Teenagers who fall into these catorgories are often poor and get bored so they turn to crime and antisocial behavior and underage sex.

Chav's - Where do I begin? Up until 2004 this select group used to be called Townies or Rude Boys (rudies for short. In 2004 this group had there name changed to Chav's (I belive this stands for Council Housed And Violent - which is a good description). I could go on about Chav's or townies for years, see Chav.

Yanks - Firstly I apologise is some people find this offensive. The american version of chav. But some how this culture migrated to the UK. This is all about gangs, guns, drugs, knives, rappers and black men trying to be harder than other men. In the UK this is a serious problem. This culture is a threat to society because they shoot, stab and drug people up so they earn 'respect' from their peers. I do realise though that many people who enjoy rap music and hip hop are not a threat to society - this is a sterotype.

Inner city cultures have a very unisex clothing style and listen to 'black music' i.e hip-hop, garage, rap and R'n'B.

To conclude on Sub Cultures I would like to conclude that whilst writing this I tried to put fact and not opinion. I also tried not to be biased. Whatever culture you decide is best for you as a 10 year old. Find a good one that you can enjoy for life (thats emo ruled out then hahaha). For me personally I have always been rock music influended and constanly asked where I belong in the world. Thank you for taking the time to read my description.
In 2002, when I was 11, I remember a famous occasion when I was asked: "Are you a Grunger or a rude boy?".

I said: "I don't know"
He said: "What make are your shoes?"
I said: "Addidas"
He said: "That makes you a rude boy"
I Said: "Thats nice to know"

Thats Sub Cultures my friends :)
by Muckle Flugga October 24, 2006
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a subculture is a group of people going by their beliefs mostly on what they have heard like the music they like or by following their friends ideas.

Goths: are people who like death.

Emos: hate their lives so much that they get depressed enjoys self harm because they believe it's the only thing they feel.

Scenes: like emos but they like colourful things.

Punks: likes to disobey orders and breaking all the rules.

Moshers/rockers: from what i seen most of them are ready 2 fight you normally see these nutjobs starting a moshpit in a consert.

Chavs: the people who think they are hard and drink alot with there hands down there trousers, starts fights alot on other people.
by wok75 May 24, 2009
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A subculture normally has a different style of clothing, hair, music and a different personallity to another subculture

emos: wear white and black cloths and black skinny jeans with places on there face pierced with black or dark blue converse, they have their hair covering one eye with black hair, normally listens too the artists Three days grace or My chemical romance and their personallity is depressed and they like going on about the diffuculties in life and they hate themselves.

Goths: wear black cloths with studs and chains and they have boots big ones, they have their hair long and black, normally listens to the artists marilyn manson and evanescence and their personallity is that they hate life.

Scenes: wears bright colourful cloths with their faced peirced with bright skinny jeans with bright converse, they have their hair like emos but brightly coloured, normally listens too the artists metro station and escape the fate also their personallity is that they normally have obsessive behaviour basically scenes are like emos but have an obsession with bright coloured things.

punks: wear torn clothing normally dark cloths with chains, their hair is normally one of the most bizzaire spiky hair, normally listens too the artists greenday and sex pistols also their personallity is too break all the rules and disobey orders.

Moshers/rockers: they wear baggy cloths most likely blue jeans and a black baggy hoody with a band or skull on it they usually have airwalks, their hair is usually long and their natural hair colour, normally listens too the artists metallica and system of a down also their personallity is that they are up for a fight and like pyshical contact.

Chavs: usually got brown, grey or blue hoodies with joggers bottoms with lacoste shoes, thier hair is usually short for boys and long for girls usually their natural colour with blonde highlight or whatever, normally listens too r & b or rap music also their personallity is that they think their hard.
by wok75 May 26, 2009
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