The act of jizzing on someone or being jizzed on.
I gave her my autograph.
That girl got autographed by 2 guys last night.
You got autographed.
My autograph is permanent.
She had been autographed all over her face.
by Dump Train June 3, 2009
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A Signature or sign of person(s)
When i saw The Game I asked for his autograph on my 310 Hurricanes, but when i saw 50 Cent i just pointed and laughed.
by Barry Saravia April 5, 2006
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The act of creating or performing a work about creating or performing the same type of work that falsely presumes the audience will relate to the unusual activity
The theme of that rock some is pure autographism. Example: A rock song about playing the guitar (there are too many to list) (Beatles: While My Guitar Gently Weeps; Bon Jovi: Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen From Mars, Blame It on the Love of Rock & Roll; AC/DC: Let There Be Rock; The Rolling Stones: Jiving Sister Fanny, Family, Let It Bleed, Memory Motel)

The public did not relate to the artist's autographic theme in the painting. Example: An artist paints a picture of an artist painting (Drawing Hands by Escher)

Example: On Star Trek The Next Generation the main activity recreational seemed to be acting and other things done in front of an audience (see episodes: The Nth Degree, Time's Arrow, Schisms, Sarek)

Example: Every TV sitcom that is on long enough has an episode where someone is an actor or is on TV. (Married with children: Kiss of the Coffee Woman, Just Shoe It, Get Outta Dodge; Futurama: Bender Should Not Be Allowed on TV; The Andy Griffith Show: The Taylors in Hollywood)

Example: TV shows and Movies about working in entertainment (Dick Van Dyke Show, I Love Lucy, Seinfeld, Frasier, Danny Thomas)

Example: Books where the main theme is related to a book, writing a book or where the writer is the main character
by Zzzorn October 4, 2009
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80's hair metal band
famous for "turn up the radio"
died with the 80's
what band could be this kickass
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The Act of writing your name with your tounge while being the first to eat a girls pussy.
Example 1: Friend1: Dude, Guess What Friend2: What? Friend1: For Denises birthday she let me Autograph her :D Example 2: Dude i love AutoGraphing girls it gives me such a sence of accomplishment!!
by PineappleExpressRecords September 13, 2011
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Ejaculating on your sexual partners face, breast or chest, buttocks, and or other body parts.
"I fucked that chick the other day, and she let me put my Autograph on her face, tits, and her ass!"
by bIZzzleObeezzy! May 3, 2010
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A female's scratch marks that she leaves on your back after a pleasing sexual expierence.
guy A-Dude Becky's autographs might turn out to be permenent

guy B-Damn she made u bleed?

guy A-Mhmm

guy c-(casually walks by)shouldnt of fucked her so hard
by FoBo February 15, 2006
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