To go over or check something one time, real quick to make sure everything is in order, is clean, is complete, etc.
Ok everyone let's do a one over before company arrives!

I did a one over on Kay's math homework and she missed at least 3 questions.
by ICouldBeUrMom13 September 27, 2017
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To win against someone who is not used to losing.
The bank made a mistake in the loan agreement and he was able to get one over on them by making them honour it.
by The Blacker Vegetable November 22, 2013
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Extremely intoxicated (drunk or pissed, whatever your preference)
"Call her a taxi, will you? She's had one over the eight and needs to go home."
by Alexandra July 30, 2004
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A term used by Australian sportspeoples when they want a ball passed to them in the air
Georgio called to Gazza 'slut one over'as he entered te box
by #YoGabbaGabba* March 11, 2015
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1. To verbally take someone down
2. To beat someone up
1. I got so pissed off at what a bitch Samantha was being that I totally waked one over on her ass.

2. Joe is going to wake one over on Bobby so bad he won't be able to walk for days.
by synchrohobbit February 28, 2006
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slightly obscure this one, but was nevertheless widely used for a while in central london. it means to chill, relax, often along with smoking weed. derived directly from cotch, its root is interesting... the mathematicians amongst you will know that hyp(cos) is written 'cosh', and pronounced 'cotch'. this is trigonometrically equivalent to one over hyp(tan), or '1/tanh', pronounced 'tanch'. most people are unaware of this - its nevertheless used widely.
lets go back to mine and one over tanch it down...
by CJC Corn November 25, 2004
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