When someone wears an old style clothing that was popular years past. This can include vintage hairstyles, shoes, pants, shirts, jewelry, etc.
by Anonymous September 17, 2003
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something that is old fashioned but currently cool!
That indie chick goes for the retro look
by puke April 23, 2003
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an adjective describing something from the past, usually anywhere from the 20's to the 80's.
by Dina Peone July 18, 2003
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A contemporary object or style containing elements of, but not replicating, an object or style from a previous era.
Have you seen those new cars with the retro look?
by swotty October 14, 2003
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pertaining to something from the past (in a nostalgic way)
He is obsessed with retro fashion.
by Light Joker September 1, 2005
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An article of usualy clothing that resembles a style from the past. Can also be other items or decorations.
oh my gawwwd! i like LOVE your earings! theyre so retro!
by randiLOVESryan July 5, 2005
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A person (man or woman) who does not trim or shave their public area. The term "retro" tends to elicit mental imagery of hirsute 70s porn stars.
"I went to go down on this hot girl, but had to stop when I couldn't find the goods through her bush. Damn, she was retro."
by Mike N. Ikes August 18, 2009
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