gGuy: I love GTA
ggGuy: how often u play
gGuy: mott, I even think I'm a pro
by TF'ingBoiHimself April 08, 2020
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Someone with constant gambling problems. This person has started gambling since the Third Grade. He tends to look like a freshly shaven ball sack. Because of constant gambling problems, he will do anything for money.(ie: Suck your cock. take it in the ass.)
Wow, i cant believe you just got busted gambling on turtle races....Friggin Mott.

God. your so broke from your gambling problems that your sucking that guys wang for money! get a job NutSack!
I Cant help it!
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An imaginary violent action towards someone used in a threat.
Shut up, or I'll mott your hoople
by Alex April 22, 2004
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A tight fisted individual who spends all his time Banger racing and taking pointless photo's of Chaos ensuing.
It's your round Chris, get your feckin wallet out
by Pikey June 17, 2004
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Yet another word for a big, unkempt hairy vagina.
Like growler, it's a dirty old matted jungle of a thing.
Hey love, yer Mott's so thick I heard kukaburras in there.
by gogo April 28, 2004
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An uncontrollable and nearly unbearable feeling of embarassment for another human being, who normally does not know they should be embarassed.
Watching that kid with they blonde streak in his hair sing in front of all those people gives me the MOTTS.
by Coleypoleyoley March 31, 2009
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As I remember it, the Motts brand of Applesauce had a commercial years ago with the catchphrase "That's the Motts," which was meant as extremely great or the best.
Yeah, she's 'the Motts.'
by LefkyTheShin February 07, 2011
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