Quite possibly the darkest decade of humanity. The onset of WWII really brought out the sheer brutality of human nature. Millions of unspeakable violent atrocities were committed by men who weren't even "evil".

The 1940s also marks the onset of the baby boomers, who were raised with traditional and conservative beliefs/principles.
Friend: Name which decade of the last century you'd least want to live in?
Me: The 1940s
by Mary Mary Quite The Contrarian January 27, 2020
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the year that RINGO STARR was born.
Oh my gosh!!! thats my favorite year, 1940!!! RINGO STARR, THE HOTTEST AND BEST DRUMMER TO THE BEST BAND (The Beatles not his All-Starr Band)
by ringo+reese=LOVE FOREVA March 8, 2010
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A small group that has a great fort but has toxic Lieutenant Generals who arrest people for hopping in a truck without warning.
“I’m a Lieutenant General and I love arresting people for no reason” USM 1940s
by USM 1940s November 16, 2020
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A decade believed to range from January 1 1940 to December 31 1949 according to some scientist.
In the 1940's World War II ended, Swing music became popular, the obesity rate increased greatly and the USSR rose to power.
by Taxman July 29, 2006
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Big, Round, voluptuous, tits, that don't need a push up bra to touch each other and was why your grandpa fought WWII.
I wish my girlfriend had 1940's tits.
by richtitsmcgee February 2, 2014
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