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A point while drinking adult beverages when a euphoric or enchanted state is reached. This is the point where most actions cannot be recalled the next day and all future plans must be put on hold for a short period of time.
Greg: Did you see Casey the other night?

Evan: Yea, we really got him totally sh_t 'barbed' last night!
by Nick Lupo February 27, 2009
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To sign, or have signed, a contract with a mobile phone service provider with severe early termination financial penalties.
Switched to an HTC phone with AT&T so I'm getting barbed by Verizon.
by Wynken de Word March 24, 2010
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When a woman with a very loose vagina places her twat on a man's face so that he can't breath.
Roeland's mom Barbed Cal, when they were going at it last night.
by Don March 20, 2003
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To get dumped and not know it, especially when your partner has already gotten a new girlfriend or boyfriend.
Oh man! Your partner updated his Facebook status to "In a relationship with Becky" and you thought he was still your man! You got Barbed!
by GKS_Stevens May 10, 2017
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The definition of to “barb” someone is when you accidentally cause the death of a friend or friends pet, yet hide the evidence and tell the family they just got lost.
This phrase is of course inspired by the netflix originalStranger Things” where one of the main characters accidentally causes the death of her best friend Barbara Holland, and tells the family she is just lost.
Girl (watching a show): oh my goodness! He really told her he was just lost! I can’t believe she just got barbed!
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by YouTubeJosh November 03, 2017
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