From the MMORPG Maplestory, max level character enialb's (Blaine) method of addressing those who address him, without regard to the context of the encounter.
'mapler: hi blaine!

eniab: f3'
by concerned mapler August 15, 2010
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Comes from an MMORPG named MapleStory, where the F3 key would change your character's face to show a troubled look. Players use it for more of a sarcastic jesture and when they are not ingame, they would would simpyl type "f3" at the end of a sentance to indicate sarcasm.
MSN chat:
guy 1: Brb going to pierce my own tounge.
guy 2: that sounds safe F3.
guy 1: F3.
by DevilRain May 31, 2009
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F3 is originated from a 2D Online game called Maple Story. In game players would press the F3 button to change the face of their character to a sarcastic face. The face can be used to annoy players after they did or say something stupid. Some players choose to use the term "F3" outside of game such as in everyday speech or Messenger.
Friend: I just failed my maths test.
Maple Player: LOL! F3
Friend: huh?
Maple Player: F3

In Game:
Player 1: Dude, let me in your party.
Player 2: No F3
Player 1: WTF man why are you so cocky online?
Player 2: F3
Player 1: Just wait 'till i see you tonight.
Player 2: ok F3.

Player 1: DSFsdlmf1#!%$!$sdlfmsdmfasdomg43

Real Life:
Player 1: You acutally went there? F3
Player 2: Yeah it was F3
Player 1: Uber F3
by MyFishDrowned September 8, 2009
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The answer to all questions. (no reference to Maple Story) or when referring to the best in the universe.
#: "That team is full F3!"
by blasica May 15, 2011
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Engineering slang for "oh snap"
also shortcut key in AutoCAD for the function OSNAP
Too bad you're not intelligent enough to get it, F3!
by joannabanana April 15, 2006
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F3 is an acronym for FFF which in turn is an acronym for: "Fat Fucking Failure". Some say just "Fail" instead of the full "Failure". Used in internet slang to say that an event is bound to be/or is a failure i.e. not as good as the organizer intended.
Person1: How was DreamHack this year?
Person2: It was such a F3
Person1: Really? I heard they had Basshunter there live
Person2: That was the F3...
by babybendover August 4, 2009
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You: Hey Blaine wanna loan me $1,000?
Blaine: f3
by Bowlcut minion August 29, 2010
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