female who sleeps with many men; vulgar term refering to a woman who has had many relationships or is a slut.
Brandy has a loose vagina.
by Reddevilspal September 9, 2007
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When a women/girl is turned on there vagina gets looser and wetter. Once turned off there vagina will go back to normal regular size it will never change .
You have a loose vagina
by Sarah000 March 10, 2016
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What ur mum has
Do you have a loose vag?

No, but your mom has a loose vagina.
by papaNYX June 9, 2018
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a individual the acts like a ginormous pussy.
a very crabby person.
a fag.
a extremely fucked vagina on the beach that needs a hedge trimmer.
cody is such a loose sandy hairy vagina.
cassy is so nasty she had a big loose sandy hairy vagina
by cowboy spanker September 7, 2011
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