It means that this person is a fucking beast and all the bitches love him
Im such a cal. "Oh fuck ur so awesome"
by 420 blazewsdasd March 30, 2016
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word meaning "shit" in nad-sac
I beat the cal out of the guy.

I got yelled at and all that cal.
by dirt mcgirt February 21, 2004
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Ohh you have to suck a cal
by 123473737 February 16, 2018
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a guy who has really great friends but has trouble communicating. he has trouble showing how he feels. Cute. Funny. Athletic. smart. If only he could take a little risk, and go for it.
Super cute, but a little shy... he is a Cal.
by dragonfly0057 March 18, 2010
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Cal is someone who is charismatic and sweet, but a bit of a player. They rely on relationships and can't go long between them. They can be a bit insensitive, but still have that southern charm. They are sweet, and super nerdy, and love metal, Star Wars, legos, and guitar. They are tall and lanky, but strong. They may seem goofy, but thy have a darker side. Cal can be very dominant and a huge flirt, loving to make people squirm. Cal is hard to let go, but worth the time spent.
"Damn, Cal has sexy hands"

"I can't get over Cal"

"Oh my God, don't mention Star Wars around them, they won't shut up for hours"
by faeriegal June 27, 2022
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Cal is coool, epic mod. And is very reliable as friend.
"Dude i just saw a Cal walking by and he was like. SOOO cool."
by TheCalFan October 6, 2019
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