word meaning "shit" in nad-sac
I beat the cal out of the guy.

I got yelled at and all that cal.
by dirt mcgirt February 20, 2004
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It means that this person is a fucking beast and all the bitches love him
Im such a cal. "Oh fuck ur so awesome"
by 420 blazewsdasd March 30, 2016
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a guy who has really great friends but has trouble communicating. he has trouble showing how he feels. Cute. Funny. Athletic. smart. If only he could take a little risk, and go for it.
Super cute, but a little shy... he is a Cal.
by dragonfly0057 March 18, 2010
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Ohh you have to suck a cal
by 123473737 February 15, 2018
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1.The best public university.
2. A fantastic football team that kills Stanford, and should have beaten USC(university of spoiled children)
1. I got my degree from Cal and had dozens of job offers when I graduated.
2. Cal deserves the rose bowl, but got fucked by the BCS and the fucking rednecks from Texas.
by Will December 5, 2004
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Cal is coool, epic mod. And is very reliable as friend.
"Dude i just saw a Cal walking by and he was like. SOOO cool."
by TheCalFan October 5, 2019
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