Big ship
Big ship set sail
Young man meet young woman
Young man and woman fall in love
Young man paint nude of woman
Big ship hit large ice cube
Big ship sinks
Young man sinks
Young woman is rescued
Roll credits
I understand you like Titanic Barbara, but seriously, this is the FOURTEENTH time we've watched this damn movie
by Metallicajunkie October 21, 2018
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1. The best movie ever starring my father LEONARDO DICAPRIO and Kate Winslet.

2. A horrible ocean disaster due to an iceberg collision.

3. Also means large, enormous, humongous.
1. Brittnay-"Omg! It has been 20 years since Titanic came out!"

2. Professor: " Read the book on Titanic"

3. Lucy- " Look at that Titanic Ocean!"
by itty_bitty_critty March 3, 2017
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(v) to, while having sex in one's car, plaster one's hand against the foggy window and drag one's fingers along the glass.
"So Danielle and I were having sex in my car and I totally made her Titanic.
by Keith Erik June 10, 2009
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Titanic is also a ship that sank in 1912, found in 1986.
by Adrian January 23, 2005
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The Titanic was more than just a ship, it was manifest destiny built by mankind and symbolized human dignity. The deadly fate of this ocean liner being swallowed into the sea on the dreadful night of April 15, 1912 is unforgetful because of all the souls lost along with the ship. The Titanic was a God given dream that changed the face of humanity for eternity.
The Titanic was built in Belfast Ireland at the Harland and Wolff shipyard.
by Rose Dewitt Bukater August 3, 2011
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Here is some more info from yours truly:
The Titanic was a large powerful ship that was built to carry 3,500 people. On April 15, 1912 it crashed into an iceberg while traveling. For its time, it was the biggest ship ever made and was talked about for years until it was finnished. In 1997, they made a movie about it, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslett.
The Titanic sinking was a horrible disaster.
by smart_girl August 13, 2003
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A huge ship that once floated, but doesn't anymore.

Do you remember the Titanic?

Oh, that ship that doesn't float anymore?

by Anonimoe October 10, 2008
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