52 definition by Dom

stupid pearls of (no) wisdom said by jeff from coupling (bbc2 sundays 10:30)
i want breasts with brains...i mean not individual brains that would be over egging the woman pudding
by dom January 12, 2004

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Toilet, dunny, the throne room.
I have just dropped some bum spuds down the chodbin
by dom December 11, 2003

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A massive dump that is raunchy, very liquidy, and explosive
Man that taco bell gave me massive rentaria
by dom August 08, 2003

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1.lord of the thundercats
2.a hot guy
1.tygra was in trouble but liono saved him
2.that bloke was a right liono
by dom February 03, 2004

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a decent Canadian band that people love to make fun of.
Simple Plan is a band.
by Dom May 19, 2004

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a day dreamer, someone who thinks he is someone else.
See that boy he is charlied
by Dom October 08, 2003

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See blue-vein
Gemma has had a little too much pork bong today
by dom December 21, 2003

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