When one becomes offended by a remark of another person. It is usually supposed to be funny, but some people are just always but hurt.
Why would you make fun of me?
by ThatGuyWhoOffends January 18, 2018
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1. To laugh at someone. 2. To make them feel bad emotions.
If you fail I will make fun of you, you can’t do anything.
by Baller1125 May 5, 2018
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April 19th is the day where you can fucking bully discord user Langxion from the squiddo discord.
I'm hyped for make fun of Langxion day he's such a bitch.
by deadassbitchassdeadass April 20, 2021
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When you have friends over to watch a crappy b-rated movie specially with the intention of making fun of it.
Matt: "Shhh, I'm trying to watch the movie!!"

Leo: "Seriously?!? Didn't you know it was "make fun" movie night? We're not here to actually follow the movie, dude."
by Wendy Wantme December 13, 2010
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To make fun of someone really, really bad.
"Damn, look at those white trash beauties."
"Oh shit, it's CapFest 2008!"
"I'm gonna make fun of the fuck out of them bitches."
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