TLA is a three-letter-acronym for three-letter-acronyms
by uncle tom December 13, 2004
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Stands for "Three Letter Acronym" or "Three letter abbreviation". See also XTLA.
ATM is a common TLA, or BMW, or XML and so on.
by Extrem0phile August 22, 2005
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Tiddy Love and Affection

TLA is an abbreviation for 'tiddy love & affection ' - the act of receiving or providing the loving treatment of resting your head on one's chest area until you come to a sense of warmth and protection.
Person 1: "Damn gurl, you good?"

Person: "Real talk? I just need me some TLA and I'll be fine. Trust. "
by Gin and Platonic™️ April 29, 2019
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acronym for tits legs and ass
Whoa! That babe has some nice TLA
by ijiermz July 30, 2005
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Textual Laugh Attack

When you receive a message that's so hilarious you laugh out loud and type in HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH as you text. This is known as a textual laugh attack.
Person #1: Hey, guess what?
Person #2: What?
Person #1: Penis!
Person #1: omg, you just TLA'd!
by jonnjonn141 February 14, 2009
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