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To Toss someones salad is to explore the anal cavity (clean or dirty) whatever your fancy, and gyrate your tounge is a circular licking motion in on, and around the anus, rimming with such affection in the "Salad" - hence the term "Toss my Salad" or kissing starfish
Very Work Friendly-
Hey Brian, can you take my shift on Friday? I don't know Darren, Can u Toss my Salad?
- In front of family- I'll do the dishes if you "toss my salad"
by dom April 09, 2005

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Revolutionary leader and liberator of Cuba from Batista. After a failed military coup he was arrested, made his (in)famous speech ending with the words; "history will absolve me"
sentenced for 26 years but released after 2; went on to start second revolution and liberate the people.
Fidel Castro? doesn't he have an engine-oil named after him?
by Dom January 24, 2005

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Its slang term for "Nigger" or black people.
Its very fun to use because they dont understand what it means and thus pwned them.
Some isajeep was eating a water melon while stealing my tv!
by Dom December 05, 2004

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1.Holy resting place of King Arthur
2.Trashy holiday park in Cornwall
1.Medieval knights often sought Avalon in their quests for the holy grail
2.clue's in the title
by dom February 11, 2004

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A totally meaningless collection of letters
"HOLY FUCK! I typed adlfkej into urban dictionary and it has a fucking meaning!"
by Dom March 20, 2005

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the male genetalia (penis)
Gemma smokes the blue vein
by dom December 21, 2003

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stupid pearls of (no) wisdom said by jeff from coupling (bbc2 sundays 10:30)
i want breasts with brains...i mean not individual brains that would be over egging the woman pudding
by dom January 12, 2004

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