to show respect or obedience to someone or something.
That chick expects me to bow down to her, but I won't do it.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant September 4, 2006
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What you tell someone in a videogame after you've pwned them.
Headshot! Bow down noob!
by mike444 February 24, 2009
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For one to get on their knees and suck on a dick/nutsack.
Bitch, bow tha fuck down to deez nutz!
by Rune June 8, 2003
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where a woman takes control over a man and makes him submit to her under her total domination. he is submissive and obeys everything she says.
by Lazy November 4, 2003
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a way to request for someone to suck your toes
*someone with a foot fetish*

*watching a movie with their partner*
“ayo... u tryna bow down to me?”
by mastacrafta August 24, 2019
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