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a fag is a peron who likes to have sexaul relations with the same sex.
that guy is with a boy , he is such a fag
by eggiz March 2, 2022
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Fags or Faggets are people who are an abomination, if you call a Fagget a fag or Fagget they will violently attack but be careful they might give you aids
Freddy is a Fagget

Don't be such a fag
by Zinction November 3, 2018
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that colton is such a fag that he tried to shove a whole watermelon up his one likes that fag.....lets go fag drag that piece of shit!!!!
by sshsasps February 27, 2008
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A man who enjoys sex with other men.
Stickman is a fag, he enjoys sex with men.
by 1111dirk June 18, 2008
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Person who engages in sexual acts with another of the same gender, often flamboyant.
Guy: Whos that guy in a dress and heels?
Guy 2: Thats Saz
Guy: fag...
by Willziak January 8, 2007
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1. A queer person who likes dick!
Dude, Wayne is such a fag.
by sexy turtle May 23, 2005
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A guy who likes other guys.
A guy who likes to take it up the poop shoot.
A guy who loves to tea bag other guys.
Skitzo (aka; plague, plagu3) you are serious fag, but we like you anyways.
by Dr.Prox August 29, 2007
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