Fag (fӑg) n.
1. An extremely annoying, inconsiderate person most commonly associated with Harley riders.
2. A person who owns or frequently rides a Harley.
A person rides by on a Harley Davidson motorcycle, revving their engine loudly.
A person observing: What a fag!
by cantchooseaname March 03, 2021
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Fag is an acronym for the term "Freaky Alien Genotype" as popularized by the group "Team Four Star". F.A.G is meant to describe aliens who's somewhat affemanent appearance makes them androgynous enough to question their sexuality.
Krillen: Those dudes are scary. Especially that one in the middle. He looks like a total fag

Gohan: Krillen!

Krillen: What? A freaky alien genotype. What did you think

I meant?

Gohan: Oh....I thought you meant a derogatory term for homosexual.

Krillen: THAT THING'S A GUY?!?!
by VIPRedSoxDragon August 22, 2010
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1) Originally referred only to a homosexual male; now it is a generic term of contempt, roughly equivalent to, "I'm a better man than you are and, on a side note, you look somewhat effeminate!"
2) Also a general term of endearment between bros

Interchangeable with faggot
1) (impatiently in a crowd) "Get out of my way, fag!"
2) (as friend shows up at bar for brewskis: "Yo, fag! Over here!"
by cyberpope67,BC,Canada June 29, 2010
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another name for someone who uses a banshee in halo
get out of the shee u fag.

haha this is better then my harley
by the1211998 June 02, 2010
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A known-to-be heterosexual male who has just performed an action one would consider to be homoerotic in nature, usually for the sake of comedy. So, in the moments following said action, it is perfectly ok to call this person a "fag".

It is not ok to use the word "fag" in reference to an actual homosexual, as it is not only quite rude but also an incorrect use of the word.
Correct use:
Bob, Dave and some friends are hanging out.
Bob grabs Dave's butt.
Dave: "Awe, you fag!"
Bob and friends laugh.

Incorrect use:
Bob sees Elton John kiss a man on tv.
Bob: "Awe man, what a fag!"
Dave: "No dude, Sir Elton is gay."
Bob: "Oh. My bad."
by milkymilkycocopuff April 10, 2011
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any person who plays call of duty and makes a video of them commentating on it.
There hundreds of these youtube videos of guys showing how to play call of duty. They are such fags.
by theskave September 04, 2011
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