i've for those that can't bother to check their spelling and want the world to end in misspellings.
Ive decided to not care about the future of the world today, one misspelling at a time.
by GrammarCowboy'CauseICatchMis.. November 18, 2019
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Ive had to much ber and cant spel corectly.
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"IVS" is an acronym that stands for Indestructible Vagina Syndrome. This is the name given to a woman that can be kicked in the crotch and be unharmed.
"Ha! I just kicked your vagina!"

"I have IVS, therefore, I am unhurt."

"Oh, shi-"
by Mistress 9 November 16, 2008
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Is as beautiful as can be, a wonderful person to be with, you'll always want her around because her smile lights up the whole room, once you meet her you'll never be able to forget her she'll always be stuck in your head, she is the bestes friend there can be, but don't get her mad cause she will destroy you don't let her size fool you she may be small but she can be crazy but over all she is just an amazing person
by COOKIEEEE1519 January 3, 2014
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the abbreviation of intravenous. The method of application of some medicines and drugs.
by ladysali March 12, 2010
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the abbreviation of Isla Vista, the small college community connected to UC Santa Barbara, one of the top 10 party schools.
I went to a crazy party in IV last weekend and got hella smashed.
by Lauren Holden March 31, 2005
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A literal chad with a huge PP. Everyday you should strive to be like Ives and show those around you that they should too.
if you ever meet a dude named Ives keep him at all cost dude is usually jacked or buff never both with a great sense of humor he tends to be great with people and has a tendency to punt kids that aren't his own he is usually seen without his shirt on Thursday
Bro my dad called me an Ives when i was stripping at a near by college
by Go0fy January 5, 2022
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