When your ass is so white, people call you a white ass.
by bobbt.cum February 27, 2003
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a white ass
You have a white ass
by Revm7r February 27, 2003
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A white ass nigga is a nigga that acts like he or she is white simple as that.
Yo Charlie is a white ass nigga he doesn’t like to talk that he is from the hood or even like basketball.
by Bebé May 17, 2019
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Dated American insult for Whites most often used by Blacks and sometimes Latinos. Heard often in the 1970s but no so much anymore.
In 7th grade wood shop class Vertiz called me a white-ass honky every day!
by thedzone October 2, 2009
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Someone who is just really, really white. Example: Blond hair, blue eyes, only knows English.
There are way too many white ass bitches at this hockey game.
by Mattdude January 12, 2016
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