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A car with a rechargable battery that needs no gasoline but instead is powered by electricity. Criticized for not going great distances before having to recharge. It's better for the environment though - but who really cares?
"Hello. I'm an electric car. I don't go very fast, or very far; and if you drive me, people will think you're gay."
by Didda Tinkle July 4, 2004
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The star of Super Mario Brothers. An icon to gamers worldwide.

He takes shrooms and gets beefed, saves the princess, gets laid, and goes home to fix household plumbing systems.
Mario's a drugged-up, pimped-out plumber.
by Didda Tinkle May 21, 2004
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A being of great unintelligence, always there to ruin your plans.
by Didda Tinkle May 24, 2004
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A band with one of the most unique music styles ever, mixing Middle-Eastern and Armenian with Metal. Sometimes the music is calm, sometimes its angry and sometimes its crazy (like the song "Johnny"). Usually they scream a lot and then go calm, probably because their throats hurt.
There is meaning to System of a Down's lyrics, listen to "Boom!" and "Chic n' Stu" (though I doubt most of you droids couldn't interpret that song).
by Didda Tinkle June 6, 2004
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1. To describe something that smells delicious.

2. To have many teeth in many areas of the body (mouth, vagina etc.)
You toothsome devil!
by Didda Tinkle May 25, 2004
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A weakling, a squishy tart with a shrill voice and short memory-span. Now, where was I?
The rubberduck sucked a buck.
by Didda Tinkle May 24, 2004
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