One who writes dictionary definitions (or, in the case of this site, definitions and opinions).
Lexicographers gather at Urban Dictionary.
by Didda Tinkle May 25, 2004

A harmless drudge.
Lexicographers have some of the least respected jobs in the world.
-really smart people who actually know what they're saying when they say it (unlike the rest of the world)
-elves that work at the BCD
-resident experts on just about everything you need to know
-the people you want to call as "phone a friends" for who wants to be a millionaire
lexicographers will one day rule the world
by absolut July 18, 2003
Someone who has successfully defined a term that has been accepted by the mahatma's a
Both myself and my friend James have entries in the Urban Dictionary. This makes us BOTH "Street Lexicographers". A high honor in some circles. A dubious one in others.
by Bonelawr59 June 21, 2021
Consequently what I have accomplished by the submission of this article. Please, read on. The satirical example below is entirely for your enjoyment.
- You know what really is a waste of valuable time and proof that you have no life to speak of?
- No, but now I'm curious, enlighten me.
- The Invention Of A Very Long Phrase In Order To Achieve Recognition On A Renowned Lexicographically Based Web Site With The Sole Intention Of Satisfying Ones Desire To Submit Potentially The Longest Entry.
- You're right. Anyone who would do that is nought but a despondent pariah; a social outcast; an antisocial recluse; an awkward shit you might say.
by Thomas Leone October 18, 2009
A smart guy named Scott or Scizzott that makes words found in the urban dictionary.
I wish I was a urban lexicographer like that sexy Scott
by Scizzott402 October 5, 2022