Mario "Jumpman" Mario is a plumber born in Brooklin New York on October 11th (year unknown) alongside his younger twin Brother Luigi Mario, he later discovered the Mushroom Kingdom thanks to Princess Peach Toadstool and is now living there permanently.

He is the star and main character from the Super Mario franchise, the most successful video game franchise of all time and he is widely known as the most popular character originating from a video game, even exceeding Mickey Mouse in popularity with children.

Mario is a typical human with extraordinary (near god-like) abilities, that includes:

Super Strength: Mario has been shown lifting entire castles weighting Millions of tons and even carryring a Neutron Star weighting about 750 Septillion tons.

Super Speed and reflexes: Mario has performed many incredible speed feats over the years, being mostly portrayed as massively faster than light, even faster than time and space in some occasions.

Super Stamina: Mario took several impressive blows and crushes througout his adventures, survived many atomic bombs with huge amounts of Megatons of force, even survived his own universe collapsing and resetting and took hits from Dreamy Bowser, a being who is apparently as powerful as he wishes to be, making Mario theoritically more powerful than anything that ever existed and will ever exist.

...and the list goes on...

Mario is often plumbing as his main occupation, but has to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser Koopa on a daily basis
Mario Mario
by Plasmariel August 2, 2020
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a sexy plumber with a luscious nose
Mario Mario has a nose which looks very similar to a boob.
by fluffy_spikes March 4, 2006
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To follow a group of people around and not say a word, but make eye contact with everyone in the group
Dude 1: Yo man that guy is totally marioing us!
Dude 2: Fo Shizzle, he been staring at me for 2 minutes straight without saying anything
by Bigjohnmcdaddy October 3, 2018
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Mario is a name typical for Italian and Latino men. He is a sex god and lady’s worship him because of the magic he creates in the sheets. He’s also on another level in pyshical and mental attributes he’s hilarious and he might be a bit shy at first but once you met him oh man. You’ll wish you would have talked to him sooner. He’s one of the sweetest,loving,caring,thoughtful,smartest, loyal guy you’ll ever met but you don’t want to get in his bad side because his worse then the devil when your in his bad side. Mario is also the Roman god of war so as such he has a rage like non other but his a very good and important person that have on your side if things go bad.
OMG have you been with Mario he made me cum like 6 times

Yoo bro me and Mario fought like 7 guys and before i could react Mario already fuked them up

Mario you’re just the best don’t ever forget that

Hey Mario can he be friends please?? I’ll give you a BJ
by Sexgodmario69 April 4, 2018
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Mario is a great person. He is so sweet and kind and I have loved him since the day I met him. We are only friends tho. We r great friends however. He can be a giant dick sometimes but when he wants to be sweet he will. Btw it’s his nickname.
Omg Mario is so fucking nice
by the color artist January 27, 2020
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Saves princesses and sleeps with them.
Mario My boy!
by Very Large Dick Tionary November 13, 2018
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A guy that’s funny, ridiculous. Well, if you have a friend called Mario, you’re lucky. He’s lazy but smart ( like a lot ). He has quite the temper, I guess..... don’t know. He likes anime, that’s for sure
Hey Mario, whatcha doin’?
Trying to do stuff, I guess....
by SuperJesse May 18, 2019
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