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A wog/lebbo expression that means excellent or very
good...also can be used to play out wogs/lebs.... :)
Check out my vl boyz,its fully sick
Aaay guys look at that maria walking down the street,she looks fully sick.
That car looks fully sik habib...
by nathan308 November 20, 2006
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An attempt by advertising marketers to turn Australian swimming hero Ian Thorpe's image WOG or Leb
Ian Thorpe: "Tell them the taste is fully-sick!"
Mum: "Thorpey says it's fully sick!"
Narrator: "Thorpey says the taste is fully sick!"
by Jason Y April 19, 2005
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Christiaan VanVuuren aka The Fully Sick Rapper has been in Sydney Hospital since before Christmas 2009 with a rare form of Tuberculosis. He is in solitary quarantine but spends his time making awesome videos.
Christiaan VanVurren is the fully sick rapper and can be found on YouTube, MySpace, and Facebook. He will make you laugh with his awesome videos.
by Kittitude March 15, 2010
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Powerful, note worthy and generally expensive object.

Mostly vehicle related, but can be applied to anything else.
Mate that subwoofer is fully sick!
by John B. Hewitt July 20, 2003
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An expression of admiration or enthusiasm for a person, thing or action. It can stand alone as an exclamation but is frequently used as a modifier to qualify something as excellent. It is associated with Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Australian English, as explained on the Australian language blog Fully (sic).
"Fully sick, mate!" (stand-alone exclamation)
"Your car is fully sick, bro" (adjective)
"I will call on my fully sick boys" (modifier)
by fully (sic) August 31, 2010
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