to say that one is homosexual; queer; gay; is a fag or faggot
Damn botty mon Johnny, you're a chitch
by you're a chitch August 29, 2003
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Response when asked a dumb why question
Max: Why is Wawa closed?
Jane: Because you're gay.

Kat: Why did you sleep with my boyfriend?
Lisa: Because you're gay.

Jimmy: Daddy, why don't you love me?
Dad: Because you're gay.
by SWalshie September 1, 2006
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what you say to someone of the opposite sex that you have zero romantic interest in. a more polite way of saying it's not you, it's me.
by squeezyesq. August 6, 2010
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a much more sensible insult over "you're mom gay" or "your mom gay"
Bill: you're mom gay lol
Bob: you're gay mom
Bill: *jumps off 5 story tower*
by beastlyxd February 27, 2018
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say this to your friends or in a conversation if you have nothing to say
friend: *walking with you and saying nothing*

me: "when you're gay"
by umm_ello November 7, 2019
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you may think this is an insult but you are wrong (failure)
when you say "you're gay sir" the other person will hear "good day sir"
and IF they reply with " good day to you too sir" that is what the person will hear... they will not hear "you're gay sir",

don't get mixed up with good day sir
person 1: "you're gay sir"
person 2: "good day to you too sir!"
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