to replenish one's energy, resources, etc. (from the notion of recharging a battery)
He has to recharge after a long week.
by The Return of Light Joker September 12, 2009
When you've wanked for a extended period of time and you need to recharge your fluids.
Aww fuck cunt, I've been wanking for over fucking 5 hours now cunt I'm spent I need a recharge.
by Real Nigga 12 June 6, 2020
to improve ones state of satisfaction. To get drunk, jacked up, or take a nap.

Can also be used as a noun. Pass me that recharge, aka beer.
I'm tired.. I need a recharge

I need a recharge..
by Bret February 28, 2004
a word used to define when a person is acting foolish and need to "recharge" their mind, similar to a battery. when batteries are about to die they need to recharge so they can work sufficiently. thus recharge is related toward your mind in that you need to stop being so stupid and think again.
you need to recharge your life.
by tiger_blood December 31, 2005
the act of a HIV-Positive Top shooting his toxic HIV-Positive load into an HIV-Postitive Bottom thus "recharging" his load count; when a poz top shoot his poz load into a poz bottom bitch
Im going to recharge your tight poz boi hole with my poz daddy load
by captainASTRO710420695138008 January 20, 2019
"The next time I'm Bubbling, I'm going to do Recharges every hour."
by SkippyJohnJones June 27, 2019
To smoke another bowl or joint when coming down off a high to regain the initial level of high.
#1 Hey man, I'm almost sober. Lets recharge.

#2 I'm not ready for this high to be over. I need a recharge.
by 0rph August 18, 2010